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Headquartered in Texas with an office in Massachusetts, 40Geo is a “solutions first” company focused on the integration of geospatial technologies into enterprise wide systems. Our leadership has been designing, developing and delivering world class geospatial solutions for 20 years and is trusted by such energy industry vanguards as Shell, Oceaneering, Harvey Gulf, and BP to transform massive data streams from a liability into intelligent data through the deployment of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing.

Our Raptor® platform analyzes billions of geospatial data points daily so your business can see the world as it truly is. Business decisions can be made with confidence based upon objective, timely, and transparent analytics that results in improved asset utilization with reduced risk to people, the environment, and your infrastructure. Raptor is the perfect blend of open source, cloud, and proprietary technology that is offered as a software as a service (SaaS) solution to eliminate your internal IT burden of managing complex platforms, disparate data systems, and the sheer volume of 4D data.

40Geo is an ESRI Silver Partner and we are committed to the integration of technologies to provide custom visualization solutions such as reporting dashboards and intuitive mapping interfaces to enhance situational awareness, process safety, and performance.


  • 40Geo is ISO 27001 certified. Our Information Security Management System (ISMS) conforms with industry standards, and since 2017 we have been providing both bespoke and subscription-based solutions to a variety of clients with unique requirements.

Primary Contact

Matt Cadwallader
Business Development Manager
Mobile: 1-774-271-1855
Email: matt.cadwallader@40geo.com