Boltlife B.V.

Boltlife B.V.

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Boltlife specializes in ultrasonic bolt load measurements and procedures for closing bolted ring flange connections. Our procedures cover all critical bolted connections used in wind turbines and supporting structures.

We offer consultancy, training, tooling, remote support and technical personnel during the preparation, installation and operational phases of a project.Our methodologies offer solutions that can be implemented at any point in time during the lifetime of your turbines. Boltlife provides you with fully documented and traceable insights in the quality of the bolted connections in your project.Our basic service consists of project preparation, training and supervision for local technicians complemented with QA/QC and reporting from the data generated. We can assist with the certification that makes it possible to implement a quality-based maintenance program and that reduces the required maintenance steps during the lifetime of your project.

Quality, efficiency and safety are the key words for our procedures.

Reduce 40 to 80% in offshore time and eliminate the use of heavy hydraulic equipment during the O&M phase while increasing the quality and lifecycle of the bolted connections.


  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 18001:2007

Previous Experience

We have been involved in several offshore projects in Europe and are, up to now the only company that has fully measured all the tower bolts in an offshore project. Re-measurements after a year showed similar results as from the first measurements >48 hours after applying the loads. Over 400 flanges have been made using this system.

Primary Contact

Chiel van Rooijen
Mobile: +31(0)611242364