Boxfish Research

Boxfish Research

234-A Orakei Road, Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand 1050


Designers and manufacturers of internationally recognised submersible Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). Our systems provide the highest standards of visual and sonar inspection, non-destructive testing, light intervention/ work capabilities, as well as comprehensive diver and work-class ROV support.

We supply our equipment to service providers involved in the supply chain for offshore wind farm development. We intend to establish a fully equipped sales, support and maintenance base in Providence, RI.

Lightweight, easily and rapidly deployed by a team of 1-2 and rated to 1000m+, our systems are built to last for a decade or more. Maintenance costs and schedules are nominal and generally involve annual replacement of O-rings, seals and low-cost thrusters due to wear and tear.


  • CE, New Zealand Fernmark.

Previous Experience

We have not supplied equipment to clients in the offshore wind industry. However we have customers who do similar geotechnical assessments, asset inspection and light maintenance work in diverse industry sectors including the following:

  • oil platform decommissioning
  • bathymetric surveys including in Antarctica
  • environmental impact studies for Ports authorities in New Zealand and Australia
  • NZ Navy hull inspections and maintenance
  • Hydro electric dams, penstock, tailrace and turbine inspections
  • Water utilities, dams, reservoirs and pipelines
  • Recovery of sunken buoys and other high value scientific equipment.

Primary Contact

Vera Bronza
Marketing Exec